Special Local Railway Tour in Mumbai

Special Local Railway Tour

Duration 8 hrs approx

Points of InterestTravel by local taxi to Victoria Terminus – Take a local train to Byculla – Get off at Byculla – Travel to Chor Bazar(Thief Maket)

Details: The tour begins with a quick pick-up from the hotel to Victoria Terminus train station, by a local taxi (or cab as we call it). Inside its rickety frame a bumpy ride to the station is guaranteed. A mammoth monument unlike any other in Mumbai, Victoria Terminus (VT), re-christened Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), is considered to be one of the largest hubs in Mumbai to experience what it feels like to be surrounded by a sea of people from all walks of life either arriving into the city for work or shuttling themselves to it. First class tickets to Byculla are provided as you board a local train and mingle with the typical Mumbaiwallah (Mumbai local). Disembark at Byculla station and get picked up to visit the famous thief market (Chor Bazar).

Cost:  US $ 39 per person

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